Why Monster Hunter Rise is the PC action game you’ve been waiting for

Monster Hunter Rise is out now on PC, and it’s bringing a wealth of enormous creatures to defeat, wide open spaces to explore, and cute Palicos and Palamutes to befriend and fight alongside. You might never have played a Monster Hunter game before, but you can easily jump in here – Monster Hunter Rise requires no prior experience with the series to fully enjoy every aspect of it, and even introduces new mechanics like the Wirebug which veterans of the series will be learning right alongside newcomers.

Monster Hunter Rise has something for every action game fan, whether you love exploring every nook and cranny of an open world by yourself, or teaming up to take down epic bosses with your friends online. And with 14 upgradeable, wildly different weapons to choose from, providing plenty of choices for melee fighters and ranged warriors alike, you can hunt monsters in whichever way you feel most comfortable.

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There’s plenty to dig into when it comes to Monster Hunter Rise, so let’s dig into what you can expect to enjoy no matter your taste – and if any of this piques your interest, don’t forget that you can buy it on Steam from today.

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