WoW Dragonflight pre-purchase goes live with Heroic and Epic Editions

World of Warcraft expansions have become a bi-yearly tradition for the MMORPG that hardened raiders and casual guildies alike all look forward to. Along with a giant shedload of new content – quests, raids, mounts, transmogs, class changes, abilities, factions, zones, pets, and god knows what else – each new expansion is a fresh frontier.

It’s a chance to break the established daily routine; to learn what works and what doesn’t, what new builds are viable and which aren’t; to find new daily grindstones on which to place your nose. Well, the time is almost here, guildmates. Dragonflight is officially available to pre-purchase as of last night, with a total of six different editions. You can find all the details on Blizzard’s news post, but we’ll run through the main differences here.

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