WWE NXT’s Mandy Rose Retains NXT Women’s Title at New Year’s Evil

Tonight’s WWE NXT New Year’s Evil featured a Triple Threat Match for the NXT Women’s Championship between Mandy Rose, Raquel Gonzalez, and Cora Jade. The match kicked off immediately with Gonzalez hitting Jade with a big boot, and then she went for Rose, who she slammed into the corner turnbuckle. She then picked up Jade and slammed her into the ropes, but Rose hit her from behind and sent her out of the ring. Jade then got Rose off her feet and sent her between the ropes, but Gonzalez was back in and she picked her up to slam her. That was cut off by Jade, and then Jade pulled the rope down to send Gonzalez charging through the ropes.

Rose then attacked Jade, charging into her and slamming her against the ring apron. Gonzalez then kicked Rose down to the floor but Jade capitalized and sent Gonzalez down to the floor as well with a dive. Rose then pulled Jade into the steel steps and went for a pin in the ring, but Gonzalez pulled Jade out of the ring to break it up.

Rose got her back in but Gonzalez pulled her back out. Rose then slammed Gonzalez into the steel steps and Jade tried to roll Rose up but Gonzalez broke it up again. She lifted Jade onto the top rope but Rose attacked, and then Gonzalez lifted Rose and used her as a weapon against Jade. Jade ended up at the top and Gonzalez slammed them both down to the mat.

Gonzalez went to attack rose but Rose had a Kendo Stick and attacked her. They got into the ring and Rose continued to strike Gonzalez, targeting her legs and then over her face. Gonzalez got the weapon and struck her with the Kendo Stick and then slammed it up against her face in the corner, but Jade rolled up Gonzalez right after, though she kicked out.

Gonzalez and Jade argued and Rose attacked Jade and kicked Gonzalez out of the ring before trying to pin Jade, but Jade kicked out. Jade punched Rose and then Rose returned the favor before punching Gonzalez out of the ring. Rose picked up the Kendo Stick again and slammed Jade’s neck down upon it before going for the pin, but Jade kicked out.

Rose locked Jade down and hit her with forearms and then tried to roll her up but Jade escaped. Gonzalez was back in but Jade then dove at Rose and pinned her for a minute but Rose kicked out. Rose clotheslined Jade and then went for a pin, but Jade kicked out. Gonzalez then attacked Jade and threw her into the ring post, and then Gonzalez attacked Rose, throwing her into Jade’s boot. Jade then sent Gonzalez reeling and hit a Bulldog on Rose. Jade then got a knee to the face before Gonzalez hit a Backbreaker.

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Always keep your head on a swivel in a Triple Threat Match. NXTNYENXTWomensTitle @WWE_MandyRose @RaquelWWE @CoraJadeWWE pic.twitter.com/fVafmr9hhZ

— WWE (@WWE) January 5, 2022

Jade was then sent out to the ground hard, and Gonzalez then slammed Rose and hit a clothesline on her before punching her down to the mat once more. Gonzalez rolled her back in and but Rose grabbed her and brought her down to the mat hard before a pin attempt, but Gonzalez kicked out.

Rose kicked her but Gonzalez sent her face-first into the ropes. Gonzalez then choked her a bit and lifted her up for a Chingona Bomb and hit it, but Jade jumped off the top turnbuckle to break it up. Jade and Gonzalez faced off, with Gonzalez slamming her into the turnbuckle and then heading up top. Jade escaped and hit Gonzalez to send her hard to the ground and Rose was still down in the ring. Jade then went to capitalize but Rose played possum a bit and surprised Jade with a quick pin and that was enough for the 3-count and the win.


Rose retains her NXT Women’s Championship.

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