WWE Superstar Makes Surprise Appearance at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2022

One WWE superstar has made a surprise appearance at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary this year! Slammiversary is the biggest event in the Impact Wrestling year, but this year in particular is all the more special as the company celebrates its 20th Anniversary. This lead to one of the most stacked cards in the pay-per-view’s history yet, and it was boosted even more so with nostalgic walks through memory lane for the company’s long and notable history. This included tributes from current and past stars, which even surprisingly included an appearance from WWE Superstar AJ Styles, who has a huge history with the company.

With Impact Wrestling fans voting for AJ Styles as the most impactful X Division star and male wrestler in the company’s history, Styles appeared with a special video message in which he notes that WWE allowed him to share his special thanks to the company for how much it and the fans have done for him through his career thus far. It was a moment that led to quite the huge response from fans, and you can check it out below as shared by Impact Wrestling’s official Twitter account:

Check out what @AJStylesOrg had to say about being voted the most IMPACTful X Division wrestler of the past 20 years!Slammiversary IMPACT20 pic.twitter.com/8uIK0Dhhty


“Happy anniversary Impact Wrestling,” Styles’ message began, “It was Huntsville, Alabama 2002, when myself, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, wrestled the Flying Elvises. That’s when it all started. That was the first match, and then from there it was Jeff Jarrett, Raven, the X Division, the Ultimate X, the Elevation X. Matches that I will never forget. The matches with Kurt Angle were unbelievable, but the match that changed everything was myself, Samoa Joe, Christopher Danielson 2005. No we weren’t 6’5, jacked, but we changed things because of who we were.”

Continuing further, Styles elaborated with, “It wasn’t about weight limits, it was about no limits in the X Division. We transcended wrestling, we changed it. You the fans voted AJ Styles as the most impactful X Division wrestler, and not only that most impactful male wrestler. Thank you. It means everything coming from you the fans. AJ Styles would still be AJ Styles, but how phenomenal would I be without Impact Wrestling. So thank you. I want to thank WWE for allowing me to do this cause they understand this is a special moment for me. Impact Wrestling, I have a glass in my hand. I say, ‘here’s to the next 20 years.'”


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How do you feel about AJ Styles’ run with Impact Wrestling? What are some of your favorite matches from his time with the company? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!