WWE WrestleMania 38: Latest Report on Main Event Plans

Despite everything that’s happened in WWE since the start of 2022, the company’s plans for WrestleMania 38 in April reportedly remain unchanged. Hours before Saturday’s Day 1 pay-per-view, Roman Reigns announced he had tested positive for COVID-19. This created an immediate domino effect — Brock Lesnar was added to the show’s WWE Championship match, won the gold by pinning Big E, realigned himself with the recently-fired Paul Heyman and has a new challenger in Bobby Lashley. All the while, Lesnar has continued to antagonize Reigns and claims they’ll meet face-to-face on this week’s SmackDown.

A match between the pair has been the rumored main event of WWE’s biggest annual show for months, and Dave Meltzer stated on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that none of those plans have changed despite Lesnar’s sudden move to Raw. It’s also still unclear whether or not the WWE Championship will still be part of the equation come April for a unification or champion vs. champion bout.

“I know that they’ve got everything worked out between now and WrestleMania,” Meltzer said (h/t WrestleTalk). “Everything is worked out. All the original plans, there were some changes obviously because the Lesnar and Roman Reigns match from Saturday didn’t happen, but they’ve got their new twists and turns, and the final destination, which is presumably Lesnar and Roman Reigns, is still on. Whatever the plan was for the WWE Championship match — I don’t know what it was — but they’re gonna get there, and that’s also still on. So the WrestleMania matches are the same, but the plans on how to get there obviously have changed.”

While fans were holding out hope for a Reigns vs. The Rock dream match, Heyman has openly argued in interviews that a Reigns vs. Lesnar bout is a bigger draw.


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“This coming April? Not a chance,” Heyman told Ariel Helwani when asked if Reigns vs. Rock could happen at WrestleMania 38. “Number one, I would want to spend a lot more time on that storyline instead of rushing it. Five months. For something that enormous, I would want more time in it. Number two, I think Dwayne’s schedule for next year is in place and he’s not available. Even if he was, I don’t think it would be bigger box office at the moment, if you look at the trajectory right now, isn’t it Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns?”