WWE’s Cody Rhodes Reveals Update on Injury Recovery

Cody Rhodes has had one hell of a run since his return to WWE, debuting at WrestleMania 38 and following it up with stellar matches against Seth Rollins. Their most recent match-up was even more memorable though, as Rhodes had torn his pectoral muscle in training ahead of the event but decided to wrestle Rollins anyway. His side was completely bruised and the muscle was torn off the bone, but Rhodes pushed through and took some major bumps and hits during the match. Rhodes had successful surgery and is on the mend now, and he just revealed an updated look at the injury as he recovers.

Rhodes shared the photo with the caption “Majority bruising has drained down into my ribs and into my hip – surgery was a bear…lots LOTS of blood under there.” You can find the photo in the image above, and we wish Rhodes all the best in his recovery.

(Photo: Instagram)

Rhodes says the surgery was challenging but the good news is that things are clearing up a bit. WWE previously revealed that Rhodes will be out of action for 9 months, which put any hopes of Rhodes being back for Money in the Bank or SummerSlam to rest. Rhodes hit the ground running as soon as he returned to WWE, and has been a high point of Monday Night Raw since that return. It’s unfortunate he will be out of action, but the fans will no doubt be hyped to see him when he makes his grand return.

This also shakes up the Title picture, or at least the assumed Title picture. Many, including myself, expected Rhodes to move into the Title picture regarding the WWE or Universal Championship at some point during the year, as he seemed perfectly poised to break up the Undisputed Championships currently held by Roman Reigns. That could likely still happen of course, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out.

All the best to Cody, and we can’t wait to see him make his in-ring return.


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