WWE’s The Usos Retain Their SmackDown Tag Team Titles at Day 1

WWE’s Day 1 event started things off with the match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, which featured the current Champions The Usos taking on The New Day. Things got started quickly, with Woods looking in control for a bit before Kingston got into the mix, but Jimmy and Jey came roaring back, knocking Kingston out to the floor and keeping him isolated from Woods. Jey threw some punches to keep him grounded and then hit Kingston with a Back Suplex. Jey then pushed Kingston’s neck again the ropes and Jimmy took advantage of a blind spot from the referee and punched Kingston in the face.

Jey then slammed Kingston down in the center of the ring, and he followed it up with a slam towards the turnbuckle. Jimmy tagged in and kept Kingston in their corner, hitting his chest with a hard chop and Jey came in and kicked him right in the chest. Woods had also been knocked down on the outside, giving Kingston no help.

Jey lifted Kingston up on the turnbuckle but he came back with a few punches, and while Jey still got the move off, Kingston countered and bought him some space and time. Kingston made the tag and so did Jey, and Woods was on a tear. Jey tried to interrupt but Woods delivered a dropkick to him and then a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Jimmy.

Woods slammed Jimmy down and hooked the leg but Jimmy kicked out. Woods kicked Jey back down on the outside but Jimmy kicked Woods into the announce table. Jimmy then looked to pounce and lifted Woods, but Woods evaded. Jimmy hit an uppercut and then hit a Corkscrew off the top rope but Woods kicked out of the ensuing pin. Jey then tagged in and they hit a Pop Up Samoan Drop but Woods kicked out again.

Jey and Woods started trading monster punches, but Woods won out with a charging punch, and Kingston had made his way back to the ring, tagging in and hitting a Crossbody Lateral Press on Jey, but Jey kicked out of the pin attempt. Kingston kicked Jimmy back off the ring and then hit a boot drop on Jey to keep the comeback going.

Sir @TrueKofi was thinking about TroubleInParadise, but it turned into serious trouble for TheNewDay courtesy of The @WWEUsos! WWEDay1
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— WWE (@WWE) January 2, 2022

Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise but Jey caught him with a punch and then tagged Jimmy in for the pin, but Kingston kicked out at 2. Jimmy charged at Kingston but he jumped over and landed on his feet, though Jimmy went for the knee and Kingston was in pain. Kingston crawled towards the ropes and got there, and Jimmy had to break the hold.

Woods then grabbed Jimmy on the outside and slammed him into the steel steps, giving Kingston the room to roll up Jey twice but Jey kicked out of both pins. Kingston then hit Jey with another move and a pin but once again Jey kicked out. Jey ran towards Kingston but Woods was legal and hit him with a kick. Kingston held Jey for Woods and he hit a dropkick, and it was super close but Jey kicked out at 2.


Woods lifted Jey and tagged Kingston in, and he went up top, but Jey shoved Woods and dodged Kingston. He also tagged in Jimmy after a superkick, and then they delivered a double superkick. Jimmy tagged Jey in and then they both went up top and hit a Double Uso Splash, but Woods somehow got there in time to break up the pin.

Everyone then started punching each other and Woods jumped right into a kick from Jimmy. Jey tagged Jimmy and they hit a 3D to pin Kingston and take the win, retaining their titles.