X-Men Filmmaker Simon Kinberg Praises Kevin Feige As “Greatest Producer” in Movie History

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest and most-talked about franchise in today’s entertainment landscape, potentially in movie and television history. Every part of the Disney-owned franchise is instantly recognized in households across the globe, and its films continue to shatter record after record at the box office. Telling one cohesive story over the course of decades is no easy feat, but architect and studio head Kevin Feige has guided the entire process with a steady hand. Feige changed entertainment forever with his work in the MCU, making him one of the most influential producers of our time. There are some, like former X-Men steward and director Simon Kinberg, who believe Feige might be one of the best producers in movie history.

While speaking to IGN about his new film, The 355, Kinberg was asked about the potential for previous X-Men franchise actors to reprise their roles in the MCU. Kinberg admitted that he has no idea what’s going to happen with the characters, but trusts the man pulling all the strings at Marvel Studios to do right by the X-Men.

“The honest answer is, I have no idea,” Kinberg said. “And the other answer is, Kevin [Feige] knows what he is doing with the MCU. I would argue he’s the greatest producer in the history of cinema. Truly. I mean, if you look at it pound for pound in terms of quality and in terms of obviously commercial success, there’s no question the latter is true. So I don’t know.”

Kinberg went on to say that, while it’s hard for him to imagine new actors taking on certain X-Men roles, he’s excited to see where Marvel Studios can take them.

“I love those actors. I love them as human beings, and I love them as the characters,” he continued. “So obviously, there’s a part of me that would be incredibly nostalgic and would be excited to see them. And certainly, I can’t imagine another person playing Wolverine, but I also couldn’t imagine another person playing James Bond. And I think that there’s an aspect of some of these characters where it’s like, there are a lot of great Hamlets over time. And I think even Hugh felt that with the end of Logan.”


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