Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases New Studio Acquisitions

Microsoft has a lot of money, which means Xbox has lots of money. Lately, they’ve been using this money to buy studios and publishers like Bethesda, Ninja Theory, Obisidian, Playground Games, and Double Fine. According to various rumors and reports, Microsoft isn’t stopping here, and this week, Xbox boss Phil Spencer more or less confirmed this. Speaking to his recent comments about wanting more casual games out of Xbox, Spencer confirmed that acquisitions aren’t limited to this scope. In other words, everyone is still on the board. And we mean everyone because Microsoft can afford just about anybody, even its competitors.

“I talked a little bit about some of the kind of genre and areas that I think we need to continue to invest in,” said Spencer. “Doesn’t mean we won’t invest in other stuff if the opportunity comes up, but there’s a lot of great conversations happening and I’m encouraged.”

Naturally, Spencer doesn’t go into any specifics. The past few months, there have been rumors that Microsoft has been talking to the likes of IO Interactive (Hitman), Avalanche Studios (Just Cause), Sega, and a few others. However, these are just rumors. While Spencer confirms there are conversations happening regarding acquisitions, he doesn’t say who these conversations are with.

If Microsoft is targeting smaller acquisitions, there’s a good chance the announcements will be held until E3 2021. However, bigger acquisitions like Sega are impossible to keep under wraps, and could be announced sooner as a result.


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