Yellowstone Kills Off SPOILER in Season 4 Finale

The trailer for Yellowstone‘s Season 4 finale promised plenty of emotion and mayhem, and it made fans feel as though at least one major character would meet their maker by the time the season was through. Well, the season finale arrived on Sunday night, and those fans were correct. An important character was killed off of Yellowstone in the final minutes of the show’s fourth season, and charting a new path for a couple of other characters in the process.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the Yellowstone Season 4 finale! Continue reading at your own risk…

Much of Yellowstone Season 4 has been focused on the aftermath of the attack on the Dutton family at the end of last season, and the emergence of Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randle, who ordered the hit. Jamie has been growing closer with Garrett throughout the season, distancing himself from John and the rest of the Dutton family as he prepared a run for governor. If there’s one thing Yellowstone fans know, however, is that there is no distance Beth Dutton won’t travel to get what she wants. Jamie and Beth were eventually going to collide once again, and they did so in the Season 4 finale, resulting in the death of Garrett Randle.

In Sunday night’s finale, Beth makes a plan to kill the man in prison that John told her put out the hit on the family. When she meets the man, however, she learns about Jamie’s involvement and that his biological father is involved. Beth confronts Jamie and offers him several choices about how to move forward, knowing that his father tried to have the family killed and that he’s been covering the whole thing up. Jamie winds up choosing the only option that keeps him alive, which involves him going back home and killing his father.

After Jamie kills Garrett (which Garrett seems to know is coming), he takes his father’s body out to the “Train Station” in Wyoming to dump it. Beth is waiting there for him. Instead of killing Jamie like some fans may have expected, she takes a picture of Jamie carrying his father’s dead body and tells him, “I own you.”


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Whatever Jamie tries to do going forward, in his personal or professional career, he will be under the thumb of his sister. Beth can have him thrown in jail at a moment’s notice with that picture from Wyoming, so Jamie will once again just have to do as he’s told in order to get by.

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