Yes, the Moon Knight Writer Tried to Get the “You Big F-ing Nerd” Meme Reference in Show

Long before Moon Knight found himself as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s leading heroes, he found himself at the root of memes aplenty. There’s the one where the vigilante can be seen tossing all sorts of random weapons toward an off-panel threat, yelling “random bullsh-t go!” Then there’s the one where the Fist of Khonshu shakes down Dracula, the “big f—ing nerd,” in hopes of getting some money.

Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater tells us he tried awfully hard to get a reference to the latter moment in the series, but Disney+ wasn’t having the f-bomb.

“I tried so hard. The problem is you can’t say f-ck on Disney+.And so you either have to do a really awkward bleep where something breaks right when they say it,” Slater tells us. “But it also felt to have him sort of recreate any part of that meme, but not do the part that people liked the most, which is the sort of inappropriate cursing. It was just kind of shining a spotlight on the fact that we couldn’t curse.”

Those hoping to see the memes come to life in a live-action series, fret not. Slater thinks where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“I still think there’s ways to get some of those memes in there,” the writers. “I’ve also said on the record that I would love to see Mood Knight going after Dracula at some point. And maybe Blade has that area staked out, no pun intended, but look, if Moon Knight goes after Dracula, I can assure you that someone will work that meme in there somewhere.”

Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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