Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Breathes Life Into Exodia with This Unreal Animation

Yu-Gi-Oh may not have the global appeal of Pokemon, but for those who love the franchise, nothing else can compete. Over the years, the series has drawn in new fans through its card games, anime, and even memes. Now, one of those fans has taken the time to summon Exodia from the depths, and they brought the Duel Monster to life with some unreal animation.

The piece surfaced over on Instagram courtesy of the user logankehoepower. The artist, who has done a slew of Yu-Gi-Oh art before, felt it was time to level up his repertoire. That is why he rigged up an Exodia clip using the Unreal Engine, and it is seriously amazing.

As you can see above, the ominous clip starts after Exodia’s cards have been gathered. The Yu-Gi-Oh monster is shown stepping out of his dimension into the real world, and it is seriously terrifying. Exodia looks breathtaking in this CG clip, and while the anime set the bar, this reel drives home how scary the summon is.

The video goes on to pit Exodia against Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and you can guess how that goes. Exodia gives players a sure-fire way to win a match, and Yugi leans into the win. Exodia absolutely obliterates Kaiba’s go-to monster with a single attack, and his entire cache of Life Points is smoked.

Clearly, this Unreal Engine piece took serious work, and fans are making it go viral accordingly. Now, it seems the fandom is eager for Yu-Gi-Oh to adopt this kind of animation for real. A game done in this style would be wild to see, and if Konami could make it possible in VR, Yu-Gi-Oh would make money hand over foot.


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What do you think of this impressive CG clip? Does Yu-Gi-Oh need a whole movie like this or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.