SCP-003-FI "Captain America Funko"

Item #: SCP-003-FI

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-003-FI is to be kept in a secure storage locker at Site-██. Access to SCP-003-FI is restricted to personnel with Level 3 clearance or higher, and all interactions with SCP-003-FI must be approved by at least one Level 3 personnel. SCP-003-FI must be kept under constant surveillance via closed-circuit television cameras, and any anomalous activity must be reported immediately to the Site Director.

No personnel are to touch SCP-003-FI without full-body protective gear and a self-contained breathing apparatus. All personnel who come into contact with SCP-003-FI must undergo a full medical examination before and after any interaction with the object.

SCP-003-FI is to be periodically inspected for signs of wear or damage, and any deterioration must be immediately reported to the Site Director. Any attempt to remove or destroy SCP-003-FI must be met with lethal force.


SCP-003-FI is a standard-sized Funko Pop collectible with the likeness of Captain America, a fictional superhero from Marvel Comics. SCP-003-FI appears identical to non-anomalous Funko Pop collectibles of the same character, with a height of approximately 9 centimeters and a weight of approximately 40 grams.

SCP-003-FI’s anomalous properties manifest when a human subject comes into direct physical contact with the object. Upon contact, the subject will experience a sudden and intense sense of euphoria and well-being. The subject will report feeling as if all of their worries and anxieties have been lifted, and that they are capable of achieving anything they desire.

As the subject continues to hold SCP-003-FI, the euphoric sensation will gradually intensify, and the subject will begin to exhibit increased physical and cognitive abilities. Subjects have been observed to display enhanced strength, agility, reflexes, and mental acuity, as well as increased resilience to injury and fatigue. These effects persist as long as the subject maintains physical contact with SCP-003-FI, and may continue for up to several hours after contact has been terminated.

SCP-003-FI’s anomalous effects are not limited to human subjects. Animals, robots, and other non-human entities have also been observed to exhibit enhanced physical and cognitive abilities when in contact with SCP-003-FI. However, the effects on non-human subjects appear to be less pronounced and less predictable than those on human subjects.


SCP-003-FI was recovered from a toy store in [REDACTED], where it had been sold alongside other non-anomalous Funko Pop collectibles. Foundation operatives became aware of SCP-003-FI following reports of unusual behavior and physical abilities displayed by several customers who had purchased the object. SCP-003-FI was identified and secured by Foundation personnel, and all affected individuals were administered Class-A amnestics.

SCP-003-FI’s anomalous properties suggest that it may have been created or modified through anomalous means. Foundation researchers are currently investigating the possible origin of SCP-003-FI and any related anomalous phenomena. It is recommended that further testing and research be conducted in a controlled environment to minimize the risk of injury or containment breach.


SCP-003-FI’s anomalous effects appear to be triggered specifically by direct physical contact with the object. However, it is unknown whether other types of collectibles or objects may possess similar anomalous properties. Foundation researchers are currently investigating the possible range of SCP-003-FI’s effects and any potential countermeasures or safeguards that could be implemented to mitigate its potential dangers.

It should be noted that prolonged exposure to SCP-003-FI’s effects can have negative consequences on the subject’s physical and mental well-being. Subjects who have come into prolonged contact with SCP-003-FI have reported experiencing extreme exhaustion, dehydration, and even hallucinations. In some cases, subjects have suffered from acute cardiac events or other serious medical complications. As such, all interactions with SCP-003-FI must be carefully monitored and strictly controlled.

SCP-003-FI is a highly dangerous and unpredictable anomaly that poses a significant threat to both individuals and society at large. It is imperative that all Foundation personnel involved in the handling and containment of SCP-003-FI adhere strictly to established protocols and procedures in order to minimize the risk of injury or containment breach. Any deviations from established protocols must be immediately reported to the Site Director, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

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