Item #: SCP-004-FI

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-004-FI is to be kept in a secure containment chamber at Site-██. The containment chamber must be constructed of reinforced steel and lined with a layer of boron carbide to prevent any attempts at breaching containment. Access to SCP-004-FI is restricted to personnel with Level 4 clearance or higher, and all interactions with SCP-004-FI must be approved by at least two Level 4 personnel. SCP-004-FI must be kept under constant surveillance via closed-circuit television cameras and motion detectors.

SCP-004-FI must be powered down at all times, and all fuel sources must be removed and stored in a secure location. No attempts to power SCP-004-FI or operate any of its systems are to be made without express permission from the Site Director and the Ethics Committee.

Any unauthorized personnel attempting to access SCP-004-FI or any of its systems must be met with lethal force. Any attempts to breach SCP-004-FI’s containment must be met with immediate and overwhelming force.


SCP-004-FI is a car that resembles a Ferrari Berlinetta, but is constructed entirely out of bone. SCP-004-FI’s body is composed of various animal bones, including those of elephants, whales, and prehistoric mammals. SCP-004-FI is approximately 4.2 meters in length, 1.9 meters in width, and 1.1 meters in height, and weighs approximately 1.5 metric tons.

SCP-004-FI’s interior is lined with a layer of bone and contains a cockpit with a single seat, a steering wheel, and a number of switches and dials. SCP-004-FI’s systems include a propulsion system, a navigation system, and various other controls and mechanisms.

SCP-004-FI’s propulsion system is powered by a unique fuel source: salt water. When salt water is introduced into SCP-004-FI’s fuel system, the car’s internal mechanisms convert the salt water into a high-energy plasma, which is then used to drive the car’s various systems.

SCP-004-FI’s anomalous properties become apparent when the car’s age is taken into account. Carbon dating has revealed that SCP-004-FI is at least 6 million years old, making it one of the oldest known examples of advanced technology in the world. How such a vehicle could have been constructed so long ago is unknown, and its anomalous nature raises questions about the origins and capabilities of prehistoric societies.

SCP-004-FI is also capable of limited self-repair and self-maintenance, allowing it to maintain operational readiness despite its age and wear. SCP-004-FI’s systems appear to be highly advanced, with numerous technological innovations that have yet to be fully understood or replicated by modern science.

SCP-004-FI’s anomalous properties and origins suggest that it may be of extraterrestrial origin, or that it may have been constructed by a highly advanced prehistoric civilization. Further research and testing are required to fully understand the nature of SCP-004-FI’s systems and to identify any potential risks or dangers associated with its operation.


SCP-004-FI was recovered from a remote area of [REDACTED], where it had been hidden in a cave system for an unknown period of time. The car was discovered by a team of Foundation operatives who were investigating reports of unusual seismic activity in the area.

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