SCP-005-FI "Contagious depression"


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-005-FI is to be contained within a sealed containment chamber, constructed with mirrored walls to prevent eye contact between SCP-005-FI and any personnel. All personnel entering the chamber must wear specialized goggles equipped with mirrored lenses to further minimize the risk of accidental eye contact. The chamber is to be regularly inspected for any signs of structural degradation or breach.

Description: SCP-005-FI refers to a highly contagious phenomenon characterized by a deep depression that spreads from person to person upon making direct eye contact. The anomalous effect is not limited to visual contact but can also occur through other means, such as through photographs or videos depicting SCP-005-FI.

SCP-005-FI was first discovered on [DATE], following a series of reports from [LOCATION] indicating an abnormal increase in depression cases within the local population. Foundation agents were dispatched to investigate the situation and identify any potential anomalous causes.

Discovery Log:

[DATE]: Foundation agents began conducting interviews with affected individuals and gathering information about the anomalous outbreak. Local mental health institutions were found to be overwhelmed with cases of severe depression, most of which were unresponsive to conventional treatments.

[DATE]: After thorough investigation, Agent ████████ discovered a common thread among the affected individuals – they had all recently made eye contact with a specific person, designated as Subject A. Subject A was located and brought in for questioning.


Agent ████████: Subject A, can you recall any unusual encounters or incidents involving eye contact?

Subject A: Uh, well, I did notice that people seemed to get really down after looking into my eyes. It’s like their mood just… changed.

Agent ████████: Can you recall when this started happening?

Subject A: It’s hard to say exactly, but I think it was about [TIMEFRAME] ago. I started noticing people acting strangely around me, but I didn’t connect it to eye contact until now.

[DATE]: Subject A was subjected to a series of controlled experiments to confirm the connection between their eye contact and the spread of deep depression. It was determined that the anomalous effect was triggered by prolonged eye contact with Subject A, with symptoms typically manifesting within 24 to 48 hours.

[DATE]: Containment procedures were established, and SCP-005-FI was assigned its designation. The affected individuals were provided with appropriate treatment, while Subject A was quarantined for further study and monitoring.

[DATE]: Research efforts focused on understanding the nature of SCP-005-FI. It was discovered that the anomalous effect was not limited to Subject A but could be transmitted further, creating a chain of depression cases. The severity of depression experienced by affected individuals varied, with some cases resulting in suicidal ideation.

[DATE]: Efforts to find a cure or countermeasure for SCP-005-FI are ongoing. Research teams are conducting experiments to analyze the exact mechanism of transmission and potential ways to disrupt or neutralize the contagious depressive effect.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of SCP-005-FI, all information regarding potential containment breaches and further developments is classified and accessible only to personnel with appropriate security clearance.

End of Log

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